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Breast Fetishism – A Look Into The Atypical Attraction to the Female Breasts

Breast fetishism is common and atypical among men, meaning, there is no set type of man with this fetish. This fetish ranges from all walks of life. Rich or poor, dominant or submissive, all races and even all sexual preferences. Yes, there are gay men with a breast fetish.

But, what is breast fetishism all about?

Breast FetishismWhen you first think of breast fetishism your mind automatically goes to sex.  A woman, showing her cleavage is considered flirtatious and seductive. Why is that? One theory is the breasts being pushed together to show cleavage, looks like the upper part of the buttocks. As humans are the only animals to have plump

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Exposure Blogging for Subbies, Sissies, Cuckies and the Like

Since I updated my Mistress listing on NiteFlirt, I also added an option to buy exposure on my blog, social media, and even my podcast. In order to receive any exposure from me on my blog, social media and the like, yes, you must buy it. I don’t mind at all exposing little men for who and what they are, but, it is not something I’m going to do for free.

And I’ll tell you why…

exposureMy blogs are not shit blogs you find on Blogger or Weebly. My blogs aren’t just tossed up, full of grammar mistakes, and free full frontal pussy shots because I’m desperate for attention. They are thought out, high word count, great SEO count, and I actually put some time in this babies.

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Mistress Listing on NiteFlirt Got An Update

Mistress, yes, my other persona, just got an update on NiteFlirt and you had better be ready. Of course, there’s the Girlfriend Experience me on NiteFlirt. Then there is the XXXtreme Taboo me on Yes, there has always been the Mistress me on NiteFlirt, but, it was time to give that listing an update.

Before you go jumping over there because you like a little T&D, CBT or what not, be warned, this isn’t for you.

MistressJust like I love seducing married men, or crossing taboo lines, I love being a total bitch. In fact, it’s a way I get to release my frustrations on annoying piss-ants and make them pay me to do it. My Mistress listing isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s for those real idiots who love being treated like dog shit.

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Group Sex – When Sunday Brunch Becomes Sunday Munch

Group sex, hells yea, who doesn’t love it?

If you’ve never had group sex before then you are really missing out. Normally, group sex is planned, like a swinger party, but, not always. That’s what happened Sunday, and my life is the better for it.

group sexSo, Sunday, like most Southern women, I went to a brunch with my girlfriends. We ate, had some mimosas (yes, this is a rare time I drink) and just relaxed. Our waiter Sunday though, yes, he was nothing but dessert from top to bottom. He was tall, maybe 6’4, strong, his biceps, thick, were squeezed into his dress shirt. His ass, yea, he could squeeze coal into diamonds with it. He was just pretty all around, and my girlfriends and I noticed with gusto.

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