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Girlfriend Experience

Are you a hardworking man who needs a beautiful, erotic, and open-minded woman in his life? Maybe you’re a married man who needs an escape from the everyday mundane responsibilities of life. That is what the Girlfriend Experience is all about. I’m the type of woman who wants to give you everything that she won’t. […]

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annasyourescape.com mistress

Hardcore Mistress

Every man’s dream is to be seduced and used by an erotic, confident woman. However, not every man can handle being owned by a hardcore Mistress, a Femdom, a woman who knows her power and uses it to make a man bend to her will. In fact, being a submissive man requires confidence in his own […]

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annasyourescape.com findom

Financial Domination

Some men think they are men when actually they are just ATMs for beautiful Goddesses like myself. Give a man more money than he can handle, and he completely loses his direction in life. That’s what financial domination is for. I, myself, am a financial redirection coach. Yes, you read that right, I redirect your […]

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annasyourescape.com store

Videos, MP3’s & More

I’m not always available for live conversation, but, what helps with that, is knowing you can always buy my NiteFlirt goodies. What are NiteFlirt goodies you ask? That’s all of my personal MP3 recordings, sets of naughty pictures, hot videos, and anything else I can come up with. That way, if I’m offline, you can […]

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Latest Posts

mutual masturbation

Mutual Masturbation – A Time For Both To Enjoy Being Selfish

February 12, 2018 | No Comments

There is nothing like being so comfortable with the one you are with that you don’t mind showing them how you please yourself. I’m talking about mutual masturbation. Now, this pleasure can be done in person, but, mostly it’s done on the phone. I guess you can call it old school phone sex, and that’s the […]

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Financial Domination

Findom – I Will Redirect Your Personal Finances

February 5, 2018 | No Comments

So, I have finally put up a new Findom listing under Fetishes. I’ve had so many men ask for it, but, I’m not one to just jump into adding a new listing unless it is warranted. Well, I have found this listing to be very warranted. My findom listing is not for the broke bitches […]

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small penis

Small Penis – Never Let The Little Things Stand In Your Way

February 2, 2018 | No Comments

Small penis humiliation, or SPH, can go so many different ways. Let’s talk about “Jack” for a bit, he was almost an Adonis. He stood 6’4, beautiful muscles highlighted by his naturally tanned skin. His voice was a cross between Sam Elliot and James Earl Jones. He was almost perfect, except for one, tiny problem. His […]

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cock block

Cock Block – Just Another Form of Tease and Denial

January 29, 2018 | No Comments

When you’re a dominant woman like I am, you don’t always have to be mean,  you can cock block a man with just a smile and a pair of panties. For instance, I have a friend who is a submissive male, but, he isn’t the type who enjoys being degraded. What he enjoys is being […]

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fur fetish

Fur Fetish – Sometimes the Vibrator Just Won’t Do

January 26, 2018 | No Comments

It’s been a long couple of days at my gym, and I was so happy to come home this evening. Like always, I come home and take a long, hot shower. Since I wasn’t planning on going out tonight, I knew that I was going to have to sedate my sexual desires on my own. When […]

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tease and denial

Tease and Denial on Himself – A Subbie Tries to Take a Break

January 22, 2018 | No Comments

I got an email last night from one of my submissives letting me know he was going to take a 2 to 3-week break. All I do is respond with a quick, “you are?” and the emails begin. I won’t bore you with the details, but he was basically pulling a tease and denial on […]

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