I don’t do too well in the cold and I try to avoid it at all costs. Unless it’s a hot photo shoot in the snow, I will not be out in that slushy mess. So, yes, “Baby, it’s cold outside” here in GA, and I refuse to do anything except stay in and keep my friction going so I can stay warm. I know, the snow is pretty, but, this is GA dammit, we don’t even get real snow. It’s more like a pile of wet glop that freezes into ice and no, ice does not make a nice dildo.

Annas Your Escape in the snowSo, today, I plan to sit by the fire, watch the snow come down, and keep my precious D cup ladies warm, and my holes active by playing with many different toys;

  • My trusty dildo – purple, with many veins, 8in, and is always penetrating me as deeply as I need it
  • My sweet little clit stimulator – Not that into vibrating dildos, but, give me a clit stimulator and I’ll go to town. Small, compact, and pushes my button perfectly
  • Anal plug – yes, I have one and yes, I love inserting it when I play with my dildo. Who says you have to have multiple people for DP?
  • Lastly – Porn, yes, porn. I love to watch porn. Mainly group sex, but, I also watch Old/Young and BBC. I like to keep variety in my life

So, now you know what I like to do during cold, slushy days here in GA. I know some of you are used to snow all winter long, but, to keep the frost off this GA peach, it takes planning, batteries, and a lot of friction.

Now, to grab my phone, and run down my list of lovers to find out who wants to help me out here…

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