Breast Fetishism – A Look Into The Atypical Attraction to the Female Breasts

Breast fetishism is common and atypical among men, meaning, there is no set type of man with this fetish. This fetish ranges from all walks of life. Rich or poor, dominant or submissive, all races and even all sexual preferences. Yes, there are gay men with a breast fetish.

But, what is breast fetishism all about?

Breast FetishismWhen you first think of breast fetishism your mind automatically goes to sex.  A woman, showing her cleavage is considered flirtatious and seductive. Why is that? One theory is the breasts being pushed together to show cleavage, looks like the upper part of the buttocks. As humans are the only animals to have plump breasts and buttocks, it is theorized that this is how human females solicit men during fertility (basically we throw them in your face when we’re horny). Doggy style, common yet perceived as a “primal” sexual position, reveals the top of the buttocks to the male during copulation. In turn, when a man sees a woman’s cleavage,  his mind turns to sex.

Like how that went into a full sexy circle?

Another theory and my favorite one is that a woman’s breasts show status. The larger, and more full her breasts, the higher her status in society. Most men tend to become subservient to women with larger breasts. In some earlier cultures, breasts where to women as the phallus is to the male. Today, that still rings true in many cultures. Women are getting breasts augmentations to make themselves feel more confident even more powerful.

On the flip side of that, not all large breasted women are known as dominant, and not all men become subservient to large breasted women. Just as a Domme (female dominant) uses a submissive male’s cock against him through CBT, humiliation and other ways, a Dom (male dominant) will use a submissive female’s breasts against her. Through consensual BDSM play, a Dom will tie a woman’s large breasts, place clamps on her nipples, or will even tape them down flat to assert his dominance over her.

There are many theories about breast fetishism, the above are just a couple of examples. No one is sure when the phrase was coined, but, is is well known the breast is a symbol of female sexuality. Many men are drawn to the breasts with a deep seeded sexual desire to worship them. To these men, breasts are pillows of comfort. They’ll suckle a woman’s nipples endlessly if allowed to. There is a sexual peace in the female breast, and there is nothing wrong in desiring that peace.

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