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Group Sex – When Sunday Brunch Becomes Sunday Munch

Group sex, hells yea, who doesn’t love it?

If you’ve never had group sex before then you are really missing out. Normally, group sex is planned, like a swinger party, but, not always. That’s what happened Sunday, and my life is the better for it.

group sexSo, Sunday, like most Southern women, I went to a brunch with my girlfriends. We ate, had some mimosas (yes, this is a rare time I drink) and just relaxed. Our waiter Sunday though, yes, he was nothing but dessert from top to bottom. He was tall, maybe 6’4, strong, his biceps, thick, were squeezed into his dress shirt. His ass, yea, he could squeeze coal into diamonds with it. He was just pretty all around, and my girlfriends and I noticed with gusto.

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GFE – Girlfriend Experience with Anna

GFE, or Girlfriend Experience, is my favorite fantasy and is the reason why I’m still active on the phones. GFEI, personally, love to take care of people. Yes, I do have my dominant side, and as my men do know, I have real-time submissives, mainly Cuckolds, who pay me to, basically, neglect them, but, if you read my other blog, Seductive Cuckolding – Love Your Beta Man you will find out even as a Cuckold Queen, I love taking care of people. So, for those men who aren’t Beta, who really aren’t fully Alpha either, I get to enjoy taking care of them in so many ways.

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Seductive Cuckolding – Love Your Beta Man

Most, when they think about a Cuckold Queen or a Cuckold male, they think of it always being a humiliating experience where the woman is degrading the Beta Male all the while comparing the Alpha Male’s perfection to his flaws. Although that is the case a lot of times, and I do love making fun of a submissive Beta Male, it’s not always the case.

I’ve had plenty of times where I’ve had a Beta Male come to me, asking to be Cuckold, but, wants to be Cuckold in a way he is happy his wife/girlfriend is finally getting pleasure.

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Having Sex with a Natural Exhibitionist –PT 2

So, from the beginning, you can pretty much assume, we paid for our drinks and left. You would be right, and yes, we did head back to my place. So, with that boring stuff over, flash-forward to him, being alone with me, in my house.

mutual masturbation annaYou know, for a man who looked like he decided to change his life a bit, maybe even get a bit wilder, he was pretty doe eyed when we got back to my place. He couldn’t stop looking at me, like, I was gonna break out in stripper pool dancing any minute. Bless his heart, I don’t own a stripper pole, that’s just silly.

What I did do, was much better than watching a woman swinging on a pole half-naked. (but, that could be fun too…different story)

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