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Having Sex with a Natural Exhibitionist –PT 2

So, from the beginning, you can pretty much assume, we paid for our drinks and left. You would be right, and yes, we did head back to my place. So, with that boring stuff over, flash-forward to him, being alone with me, in my house.

mutual masturbation annaYou know, for a man who looked like he decided to change his life a bit, maybe even get a bit wilder, he was pretty doe eyed when we got back to my place. He couldn’t stop looking at me, like, I was gonna break out in stripper pool dancing any minute. Bless his heart, I don’t own a stripper pole, that’s just silly.

What I did do, was much better than watching a woman swinging on a pole half-naked. (but, that could be fun too…different story)

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Having Sex with a Natural Exhibitionist – Sexy, Sweet Girlfriend Anna PT 1

Last night, I ran into an old friend of mine from high school, yes, high school.

an-exhibitionist-is-nothing-without-a-voyeur-quote-1He wasn’t a close friend of mine, we never really dated or hung out, just one of those friends you see at school, talk to a bit, and that’s it. So, running into him was interesting, to say the least.

First off, in HS, I wasn’t big on all the after school activities. I really was kind of known for walking the front door then walking out the back door. He was a different story. He was a part of a couple of clubs, was a little dorky, and had big plans to go to college to be some sort of engineer. The thing is though, I wasn’t the type of person to judge anyone, and still, I don’t really judge, I pretty much like everyone. So, we were sort of friends.

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