Last night, I ran into an old friend of mine from high school, yes, high school.

an-exhibitionist-is-nothing-without-a-voyeur-quote-1He wasn’t a close friend of mine, we never really dated or hung out, just one of those friends you see at school, talk to a bit, and that’s it. So, running into him was interesting, to say the least.

First off, in HS, I wasn’t big on all the after school activities. I really was kind of known for walking the front door then walking out the back door. He was a different story. He was a part of a couple of clubs, was a little dorky, and had big plans to go to college to be some sort of engineer. The thing is though, I wasn’t the type of person to judge anyone, and still, I don’t really judge, I pretty much like everyone. So, we were sort of friends.

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