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Since I updated my Mistress listing on NiteFlirt, I also added an option to buy exposure on my blog, social media, and even my podcast. In order to receive any exposure from me on my blog, social media and the like, yes, you must buy it. I don’t mind at all exposing little men for who and what they are, but, it is not something I’m going to do for free.

And I’ll tell you why…

exposureMy blogs are not shit blogs you find on Blogger or Weebly. My blogs aren’t just tossed up, full of grammar mistakes, and free full frontal pussy shots because I’m desperate for attention. They are thought out, high word count, great SEO count, and I actually put some time in this babies. It’s wrong for me to try and just post some sex story and call it a blog. That would be cheap and demeaning and I, personally am not cheap, and I will never demean my reader’s intelligence, (at least, not unless they want me to, but, I digress)

I’ve been a sex worker for over 10 years. I’ve done plenty of blogging and giving sissies exposure all the way from AOL chat rooms to the Twitter and Reddit of today. During those times, I worked for a company, and I was very limited on what I could or couldn’t do. Since August, I’ve been completely independent, and just as Dr. Sue Storm put it in her Twitter post today, “Honey, I am independently owned and operated, so we play MY way”

On that note, giving free exposure to submissive men just isn’t my cup of tea anymore.

It takes work to write the blog, set up the SEO, and publish out blurbs to social media. I really have no desire to look at your little dick wrapped in a pink bow or watch a video of you prancing around the house with a horses mane sticking out of your ass unless you pay me.

It really is that simple.

Now, if you’re truly in need of exposure, but, are too cheap to play with a real Domme, then please, by all means, run along, and get your exposure. However, a real submissive knows every minute of their Mistress’ time is valuable. The real estate on her blog is valuable. This means they are willing to pay for their Mistress to give them the full-on exposure they need.

Visit my Mistress Listing on NiteFlirt to learn more about me, what I offer, and how to gain your submissive exposure.

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