Who out there loves smelling used panties?

Panty Fetish Phone Sex

I know of plenty who just love the feel, the smell, the texture of panties and will do anything to get a hold of a pair. Of course, the type of panty is particular to the sniffer. Some love lacy panties because of the silky but slightly rough feel of them. Some love cotton because they absorb the wetness of a woman so well. Some need satin, so they can not only feel the softness but, you can see wetness in satin much easier than the rest.

Of course, there is also the type of panties, thongs, cheeky’s, boy shorts, high wasted, T-back, hip huggers, the list goes on and on, but each kind has its own “follower” for example, cheeky’s, the frame the ass to the point of giving the woman a little bit of, well, wedge up their ass, so, you know not only has the crotch been rubbing her pussy all day, but, the back has been hiding up her dirty, sweet ass all day as well. It’s a two for one, isn’t it?


What you do with the panties is entirely up to you. Some of my men love to just sniff them while they rub one out. I have others who like to put them on, feeling the wetness near their dicks, and will rock back and forth, letting the panties do their work. I have to admit my favorites are the thong and t-back lovers. Knowing the back fabric has been up against my ass all day, they will suck and suck the fabric like a cute little baby with a pacifier. Of course, when the sucking is done, they will put them on, (if they can) bend over, for me to fuck their man pussy with my toys. Of course, I love giving a surprise bonus to that, and putting a pair of used cotton panties over their heads so they can smell what they are craving.

That’s just the tip of panty play of course, but, I have to admit, for a Friday Fetish, is a fun one.

Looking forward to hearing from my panty boys soon…

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