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Foot Fetish – Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Oh hush, I know my Southern was just showing, I don’t need to be reminded. What I do need though is a good foot fuck. I swear, I hear about men having foot fetishes, but they are so shy to act on them IRL.

Anna on Niteflirt Foot FetishMaybe it’s because men don’t think women really get into it? Maybe some women really don’t, like, anal, I love it, but a lot of the women I know hate it. But, my love for anal is another story altogether.

I’ve explained, over and over, why I love foot fetishes, and I love talking about it, but, it surprises me how many men are shocked when I say I love it so much. Then they want to know how I got into it, what I love about it, yadda yadda. Like, dude, I don’t wanna talk about it, I want your cock between my feet!!!

So, to counteract having to talk about it so much, I decided to record the whole story on how I became addicted to having my feet fucked. Click the link below and take a listen, I promise, you are going to squirt all over yourself.

You’re welcome – Click Here to enjoy my Foot Fetish Storytime

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  1. Cal

    Mistress: I totally get that dynamic in the story. How about when the female tells her husband that we are ‘still a couple’, makes him lock his cock up, and serve her non-sexually, like with massages, some cooking, bathing her, picking lingerie for her for OTHER, alpha males, and he watches and even ‘cleans up’. He then gets unlocked, strokes off on her feet and cleans up his ‘cuck mess’ and…they are mainly warm and friendly, but he never ever fucks her again…still a couple!

    • Sounds to me like a perfect relationship. You know your place, and you respect her in her place. Every man needs a purpose in his life, and your purpose is to please your wife. So, to me, this sounds like a very balanced relationship.

  2. Cal

    Take me down the rabbit hole of feminization, and cbt—I must happen inevitably.

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