Fur Fetish – Sometimes the Vibrator Just Won’t Do

fur fetish

It’s been a long couple of days at my gym, and I was so happy to come home this evening. Like always, I come home and take a long, hot shower. Since I wasn’t planning on going out tonight, I knew that I was going to have to sedate my sexual desires on my own. When I got out of the shower, I opened my end table drawer to pull out my trusty wand, but, then I remembered a client who called me a few days ago. He had a bit of a fur fetish and introduced me to it.

You read that right, a fur fetish.

Remembering how amazing that call was, how gentle, but deep my orgasms were, I decided to replicate it. I removed my towel, went to my closet, and pulled out my faux fur trimmed coat. Once I laid in my bed, I began to run the fur trim over my breasts. Feeling the softness, enjoying the warmth as my nipples began to react to the smalls hairs of the trim. I brought the coat up to my throat and I felt myself smile and I enveloped myself in the softness.

After a little teasing and caressing of myself, I slowly brought the fur down my stomach. That was when I felt my pussy begin to react. First, the slight tingle, then the wetness.  I spread my legs and brought the coat between my legs and rubbed every so lightly. I rubbed so light, I couldn’t tell if I was feeling the fur or just the air moving from the fur. Either way, my body began to ache for the full touch of my clit.

I pressed the fur to my pussy, my lips accepting the downy texture.

I began to slowly move my hips…up and down, wrapping my legs around my coat. My coat is long enough to be able to bring the fur-trimmed sleeves to my face, and I did just that. I turned over to my stomach, enveloping the feeling and the smooth movements. I gyrated faster, moaning, losing myself till I reached that pinnacle of pure, explosive orgasm.

After a bit, I began to relax, even laughing a bit as I caressed my coat thinking this silken inanimate object for a rememberable evening.  I guess we can safely say, my clients, fur fetish has become my fur fetish. I’m not complaining, in fact, I might have to “put on” my coat again before bed.

What’s your personal fetish? Give me a call and let’s explore it.

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