GFE, or Girlfriend Experience, is my favorite fantasy and is the reason why I’m still active on the phones. GFEI, personally, love to take care of people. Yes, I do have my dominant side, and as my men do know, I have real-time submissives, mainly Cuckolds, who pay me to, basically, neglect them, but, if you read my other blog, Seductive Cuckolding – Love Your Beta Man you will find out even as a Cuckold Queen, I love taking care of people. So, for those men who aren’t Beta, who really aren’t fully Alpha either, I get to enjoy taking care of them in so many ways.

First, what’s the most important part of a relationship? Communication.

You have to be able to talk to someone, to let out your emotions, and to be able to trust the person you’re talking to actually care and will keep your words safe with them. How you find that person you connect with is so vast. Sometimes you find a live-in partner, sometimes a spouse, sometimes a friend, sometimes it’s on social media, and yes, sometimes, it’s an Escort, Cam model, or PSO. There is no judgment, and shouldn’t be any with how you find that connection with someone, as long as you find the connection, GFE is an option for that connection.

Second, you need to know that person is there for you. They want to be with you, with no catch. Before you go off and say, “There is a catch, your being paid” that’s not the catch. A catch is when a person only does for you when they know they are getting something out of it. Usually, it’s planned and the catch is very high. Me, yes, men pay to enjoy my presence, but, I never “drain their wallet”. I don’t believe in “blackmailing” men. I’m not going to drop someone just because they haven’t called me in a week. I’ve taken time to chat with my men, help them with online programs, and I’ve even sent them presents. So, yes, on the whole, I am paid, but, I’m not greedy.

Last, love and sex, omg, so very important, especially is a GFE relationship.

I do, truly believe, you can and do love more than one person in your life and there are so many different levels of love. Every man I talk to, on a regular basis, I fall in love with somehow and I’m not ashamed to say that either. I have men who are in love with me, and it makes me feel so amazing to know that. Also, a mutual love makes the phone sex so, so much better. Yes, you can make love on the phone with someone and it’s mindblowing if you can open yourself up to it.

That is just a few reasons why I love giving the Girlfriend Experience (GFE) so much. It is my specialty, that, and being a Cuckold Queen, but, that is a totally different side of myself.



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