So, from the beginning, you can pretty much assume, we paid for our drinks and left. You would be right, and yes, we did head back to my place. So, with that boring stuff over, flash-forward to him, being alone with me, in my house.

mutual masturbation annaYou know, for a man who looked like he decided to change his life a bit, maybe even get a bit wilder, he was pretty doe eyed when we got back to my place. He couldn’t stop looking at me, like, I was gonna break out in stripper pool dancing any minute. Bless his heart, I don’t own a stripper pole, that’s just silly.

What I did do, was much better than watching a woman swinging on a pole half-naked. (but, that could be fun too…different story)

I told him to have a sit on my couch, and relax. Then, I pulled up one of my striptease videos, while I went into my kitchen to make a couple of drinks. When I came back out with the drinks, which, I did take my time in making, he was very much into the video. Just looking at his man-spreading and the growth in his pants could tell me that. I gave him his drink, stood beside him for a moment, and took a sip while I watched him “trying not to watch the video to hard” Then I smiled, told him I would be right back.

A few minutes later, when I heard the end of the striptease, I came out of my bedroom with just a short, pink, dress on. I walked over to him, leaned over, took his hand, and led him to my bedroom. I’m sure he was thinking he was just about to get laid, but, nope, that’s not how I roll. Every exhibitionist needs a voyeur, and he was my audience that night. Leading him to the chair in the corner of my room, I have him take off all of his clothes. I really wanted to see his body, and I was not disappointed. After he undressed, I sat him down, and got on my knees, and began to give him the soft, most teasing blow job he has ever gotten. Once I heard him begin to groan, I slowly moved my mouth off of his cock, and looked up at him, and told him to enjoy himself.

That’s when I crawled on the bed while he sat in the chair, and began to slowly move the straps of my dress down my shoulders, pushed my dress past my tits, and began to play with my tits. Licking them, rubbing them, pinching my nipples, all while he watched. Moving my hand down between my legs, I watched him begin to rub his cock. I looked in his eyes and told him, “Yes, please, I want you to masturbate with me.”

From there, well, there’s a lot more, but, to get those juicy details, you’re gonna have to hear it personally. Just writing a sex blog about it will never do it justice.


Sexy, Sweet Girlfriend Anna

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