He’s so sexy in his compression tights – Sissy boy w/ Anna

On my journeys through the kinky minds of men, I found a new and sexy toy to play with. For real, he’s not packing much, ok, he’s hardly packing anything, but, he knows

Sissy boy Bitch Boots

Nothing in the front, but, makes for a nice clit to play with

how’s not packing anything but a little clit to play with. What’s so great about him, he

First, he works out, and that’s always a plus for me. Let’s be honest here, just because he packs a weenise, don’t mean he can’t have a nice body. Also, he lays in the tanning bed with his thong on along with keeping his whole body shaved. Now, how sexy hot is that?

The best though is his ass….

Sissy boy Bitch boots

Got him some booty in the back, ready for the taking

This little sissy has got a Brazilian booty, I’m talking ass for days. The kind I can grab on to, and ram my strap on up his man pussy and not lose my grip. The kind that you can smack, leave a perfect red mark and the ass is just a perfect frame for it. He’s such an amazing dickless whore, honestly, he can suck the chrome off a Harley, and take a nice size BBC and beg for me.




Anna – @Annas_Ur_Escape

Are you a sissy boy? Want to show me how sexy you are? Are thinking your booty is better than his?

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