Mickey Mouse Penis – SPH

I just can’t be mean to every man with a small penis, it’s just impossible.  See, some men, like my little Teensy ZZ is so damn adorable. Every time I make fun of his little peener, he giggles so honestly it and so infectiously I just can’t be mean to him.

mickeymouseThis little man knows he has a small penis, he knows he is completely inadequate in being able to satisfy a woman, so, he has embraced it. For example, he loves knowing I would bring in all my beautiful girlfriends in, surround him, and play games like “chase the Chode” or “hide & go seek the peener” Really, his dick is at max, 4.5 in long, and his balls are just a flat pillow for his peener to lay on, and he embraces it.

How can I be mean to him?

I told him last time that I would love to get some colored markers and draw a little Mickey Mouse on his teensy peener. Put the whiskers below his little pee hole, draw big round ears on the side of his little squirt head, hell, I could even get a doll size Mickey Mouse shirt and put on it. Hearing his giggle and how much he loved that idea made me laugh, and together we were just laughing over his little teensy peener. I can’t even with that, just too adorable.

So, in closing, remember, stand up and embrace your lack of manhood. When life gives you lemons, grab a hold and see what you can squeeze out of it.

Remember to always enjoy your escape


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