Mistress, yes, my other persona, just got an update on NiteFlirt and you had better be ready. Of course, there’s the Girlfriend Experience me on NiteFlirt. Then there is the XXXtreme Taboo me on SINCats.com. Yes, there has always been the Mistress me on NiteFlirt, but, it was time to give that listing an update.

Before you go jumping over there because you like a little T&D, CBT or what not, be warned, this isn’t for you.

MistressJust like I love seducing married men, or crossing taboo lines, I love being a total bitch. In fact, it’s a way I get to release my frustrations on annoying piss-ants and make them pay me to do it. My Mistress listing isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s for those real idiots who love being treated like dog shit. I changed it up to make it blunter because I’ve had so many dumbasses get confused even though the listing is under BDSM>Mistresses. Seeing it listed there should give these fools a hint, but, alas, you can’t fix stupid. So, I took it down to their level, laying it out for them, so, now, they will catch on…maybe.

The first line of my listing should be clear enough, but, if it’s not, I explain a slight bit more, and give a list of what they deserve. It’s actually very simple, I have no respect for little, weak, beta men. I just don’t. Now, yes, cuckolding I don’t put on the level of mean Mistress. Cuckolding is when a man accepts his fate in life, wants to give his wife everything, including nice cock, even learning to respect Alpha cock.

Mistress, degrading, humiliating Mistresses, completely different story.

This is my side where I remind you that you’re just a worthless, annoying piece of shit. You can’t do anything right, I abuse you mentally and even physically. I give you the scares and desires that ache through your body. You pay, and pay well, for my attention. To top it all off, you want to pay me to hate you and beg me to degrade you.

Mistress Anna – Click Here for my Updated NiteFlirt Listing

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