6 Orgasams & I have a feeling he isn’t done – Multiple Orgasms

Let me be clear, it was me that was having all of the orgasms, not him. Orgasm control isn’t just about a man having to hold back or learn to cum on demand, men like to do it to women too. When I find the right man that can do it to me, I’m in heaven!

anigif_enhanced-29439-1449517041-7I just finished speaking to a man who could do just that, get me hot, make me feel pleasure using his voice, and he is even teaching me to cum on demand. By the end of the call, my fingers were all pruney, and my pussy was throbbing.

I went from masturbating with him just watching, to masturbating thinking about my girlfriend fucking me, to him finger banging me, and telling me when to let go. By the time it finished, I was dizzy with pleasure.

I’m already getting a bit tingly down in pants anticipating his call. I think I need to replace some batteries.

Think you can give me multiple orgasms?

I’m ready for you to try your skills, just give me a call:

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Multiple Orgasms

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