Mutual Masturbation – A Time For Both To Enjoy Being Selfish

mutual masturbation

There is nothing like being so comfortable with the one you are with that you don’t mind showing them how you please yourself. I’m talking about mutual masturbation. Now, this pleasure can be done in person, but, mostly it’s done on the phone. I guess you can call it old school phone sex, and that’s the mutual masturbation I’m going to talk about.

I have many men call me and they just need to hear a soft voice talking to them. They want to hear me tell them how I’m rubbing my breasts, how my pussy is soft and wet, even how I bring my fingers from my pussy to my mouth, and how I taste. Of course, I want to hear the same from them, how hard they are, are they throbbing, is there any precum…I even enjoy hearing how they are rubbing their cock. Of course, it’s much more sensual than that.

When you on the phone with someone, and in my case, it’s usually a “stranger” you are allowing yourself to be open and intimate. So, if you’re shy, mutual masturbation on your first call may not be exactly for you. On the flip side, knowing the person on the phone is a complete stranger can be very arousing. Either way, mutual masturbation is a very sensual and erotic experience.

Mutual masturbation is like making love without the commitment.

You get everything making love gives you, the connection, the intimacy, the desire for more. The slow, seductive build up, then, finally the release. The trick with being on the phone though is you have to be willing to be vocal about what you’re doing. Vocal is exactly what I am, and, when I talk to men who are vocal as well, it’s the best time for both of us.  Just because I’m mainly a Domme, doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the sensual play. I open myself up to almost anything, and, being honest, my favorite GFE play is mutual masturbation.

Now that you are a slight bit more aware of mutual masturbation, and how it can be enjoyable, give it a chance. Phone sex isn’t always about women dominating men, of course, that’s a lot of fun too.

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