Most, when they think about a Cuckold Queen or a Cuckold male, they think of it always being a humiliating experience where the woman is degrading the Beta Male all the while comparing the Alpha Male’s perfection to his flaws. Although that is the case a lot of times, and I do love making fun of a submissive Beta Male, it’s not always the case.

I’ve had plenty of times where I’ve had a Beta Male come to me, asking to be Cuckold, but, wants to be Cuckold in a way he is happy his wife/girlfriend is finally getting pleasure. Seductive CuckoldingFor example, I spoke with a Beta Male, and he was confessing to me that he was not only average in size, but, he was unable to keep an erection or would cum too early, and could never satisfy his wife. Oral, yes, he was very skilled at, he had to be, in order to keep such an amazing women, but he knew she needed more. So, to rectify the situation, he made a full day for his wife and gave her a surprise ending.

First, he took her to the spa, letting her get whatever package she wanted, and he willingly sat in the waiting room for her and paid for the whole thing. Then, they went home, and he began to dress her, all the way from powder & perfume to the diamond necklace he bought her for that particular night. Then, he took her out, driving her, escorting her into an expensive club and that’s when he proceeded to help her look for the perfect Alpha Male. Once she agreed and was happy, he then went to the Alpha Male, told him what they wanted, brought him back to their place, and he sat on the side lines, enjoying seeing his wife experience the pleasure he could never give her.

So, as you can see, there are different ways to be Cuckold, and I enjoy doing them all. Not every Mistress is mean, and not every Cuckie is willing to be shamed. Always be honest with your Mistress, and always remember, a true Mistress loves her Beta Men.

Remember to always enjoy your escape


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