Anal, every man dreams of it one way or the other. Either they dream about giving it, or, they dream about receiving it.

AnalMost of the time, when a man dreams of giving it, they want to bend the woman (or man) over, spread those nice, ass cheeks, and drive his cock, forcefully into her ass. Pulling her hair, yanking her back by her shoulders, fucking so hard his balls slap on her clit. Yes, he wants to pop his load inside her ass too, that just goes without saying.

When a man dreams of receiving it, normally, they want to feel their woman’s mouth on his asshole. Rimming him with her tongue, then, slowly, pushing her finger inside him, stretching him, pushing her finger in so deep, he feels himself being milked with a consistent vibration of pleasure. Most of the time, the man tends to graduate from the tongue to the finger, to a butt-plug, to a prostate massage, then, eventually, a nice, strong dildo/strap-on or, if he is very brave, a real cock!

Now, here’s the problem in this, if you ask her for anal, in any aspect, she’s going to most likely say no.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but, you know it’s true. Most of you have already settled on the path of no anal for the rest of your life. Some are still dreaming and hoping, and yes, there is a rare few who have been lucky enough to find a woman who was willing to try it, or, even blessed by the Gods to find a woman who loves it. For those men who have found that woman, my hats off to you, congratulations.

This blog, however, is for those men who haven’t, the ones who need me.

Yes, her saying no is where I come in. I love anal, I’m blessed to have enjoyed giving and receiving for many years. I have the best orgasms through anal, and I crave a man to blow his load inside my ass. I’ve done it for so long, I can describe the sensation on the phone with my NiteFlirt men, and, I even have a special toy I use to perform anal on myself when asked. I’ve pushed my toy in my ass, and a nother in my pussy for DP (double penetration) and, many times, have been DP’ed in life.

So, just to let you know, like I always say, I do everything she won’t, and anal is one of those many things.


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