Small Penis – Never Let The Little Things Stand In Your Way

small penis

Small penis humiliation, or SPH, can go so many different ways. Let’s talk about “Jack” for a bit, he was almost an Adonis. He stood 6’4, beautiful muscles highlighted by his naturally tanned skin. His voice was a cross between Sam Elliot and James Earl Jones. He was almost perfect, except for one, tiny problem. His penis was a good 4, maybe 5 inches erect.

I found out about Jack’s Irish Curse after we went out one night. There was chemistry, all night we were giving signs to each other. I know I wanted this God of a man in my bed and between my legs.  So, needless to say, I had no problems going back to his place.

We begin the normal playing around, he removed my dress, I remove his shirt, but when I go for his pants, he stops me. Not saying anything, he lays me down and begins to eat my pussy with a skill unknown to the average man. I couldn’t help it, I was lost in his oral gifts. I was feeding him my pussy and he was indulging in the delicacy. Twice I cream over his face, my body shaking, holding onto his thick hair and enjoying ever convulsion.

Then, it happened

I, of course, wanted more, I wanted his cock. I wanted to taste it, lick it, suck it, ride it. I was cock hungry and I was ready to take it. When I sat up to remove his pants, he backed away, and walked over to his dresser, turned his back to me, and pulled off his pants. He then opened his dresser drawer, pulled something out, then slowly turned around.

“You’re going to need this,” he said

I was staring so intently at the little piece of flesh between his legs I didn’t notice what he had in his hand. Dumbfounded I looked up and noticed it was a thick, black, long dildo attached to a chin strap. “It’s ok, you can laugh, I know how ridiculous I am.” It took me a minute to be able to say anything and all I could get out was a laugh and a couple of “what the fucks” I noticed when I laughed, his little dick twitched.

He was completely into small penis humiliation.

Even though it’s very known among my friends that I’m a professional Domme, I wasn’t to keen on being tricked. But, I have to admit, it was a funny situation, and he looked so cute when he put the chin strap on. So, on that note, yes, he did have a small penis, yes, I did take him under my wing and give him a few my tricks, and yes, I have played with him a few times. My god though, I will never let myself assume just because a man looks good on the outside, that he has the cock to match.

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