Submissive Training – Helping Beta Men to Realize Their Dreams

submissive training

Lately, I’ve had many men come to me asking for submissive training. Basically, they are either admitting they have always wanted to submit to a Goddess, or they know they are a sissy on the inside. They talk about their desires for Cuckold, T&D, CBT, Caging, and I even have men admitting they want to “look like me” Now, of course, a lot about phone sex is fantasy, but, to have a man come to terms with his Beta existence is such a thrill for me. I honestly have respect for men who can admit they must kneel and beg for attention. It’s not easy for a man to admit he is weak, so, in a way, he has a lot of strength and courage to admit his weakness.

Submissive training takes time.

It really does because it’s not something I take lightly. Yes, on occasion, I do have men that call and just want a few minutes of it, and that’s fine. When the real ones call for real training, that’s where the fun begins. That’s when I can get to know all about it. So, no, they aren’t short 5 or 10-minute calls, they are longer, more in-depth. In fact, most of the time, the first call isn’t anything but getting to know each other. Yes, I said getting to know each other, because I like when a potential submissive asks me questions.

I’m not the type of Domme that just jumps in head first, makes you kneel, lick my boot, squirt on the floor and take your money. I like to know you, what turns you on, what makes you want to submit.  To me, that’s very important, especially when I have come across a situation of submissive training. I also like my submissives to ask me questions, (with permission of course) because it’s very important for a submissive to know their Mistress. If you’re wanting to be own, then yes, you need to know you click with your owner.

Submissive training, as I said, takes time and also care, love, patience and even a bit of research.

Yes, I make all of my submissives in training research. Why, you ask? Well, there is so very much to a sub/dom relationship, and so many ways it can be explored. For example, maybe the thought of CBT makes you excited, but, when you do your research and find that CBT can get pretty in-depth, you are able to admit to your Mistress your limits. Another example of Cuckolding. Seriously, cuckolding can go in so many different directions I never had time to explain it on the phone. That why research is important. Once they research, they come back to me admitting they don’t want to be degraded, or they do, or they aren’t into fluffing, just cleaning, or vice versa. Maybe they just want to hear about it and never be involved.

You see where I’m going with this?

Submissive training is work, not only on my end but the submissive’s end. So, yes, I do very much enjoy submissive training, because I get to learn about my new submissive as they are learning about themselves.

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