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Mistress Listing on NiteFlirt Got An Update

Mistress, yes, my other persona, just got an update on NiteFlirt and you had better be ready. Of course, there’s the Girlfriend Experience me on NiteFlirt. Then there is the XXXtreme Taboo me on Yes, there has always been the Mistress me on NiteFlirt, but, it was time to give that listing an update.

Before you go jumping over there because you like a little T&D, CBT or what not, be warned, this isn’t for you.

MistressJust like I love seducing married men, or crossing taboo lines, I love being a total bitch. In fact, it’s a way I get to release my frustrations on annoying piss-ants and make them pay me to do it. My Mistress listing isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s for those real idiots who love being treated like dog shit.

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WTAF Is That??!! – SPH w/ Anna

I was out the other night and met a “man” that was sexy AF. He was tall, dark hair, nice beard, good build, had a voice that was so deep I felt my clit vibrate, and just plain sexy as all hell. So, after a few drinks, I thought, why not? Let’s have some fun.

choadWe get to my place, and we are already heated. He took off his shirt and I was licking every single muscle he had, working my way down to what I just knew was going to be a massive, hard cock that was going to give me the pleasure that I’m worth receiving.

I take unclasp his belt, unbutton his jeans, pull down the zipper, reach in and tried to pull out a cock but instead, I pulled out a fucking Vianna fucking sausage!

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Fetish Friday – Panty Play

Who out there loves smelling used panties?

Panty Fetish Phone Sex

I know of plenty who just love the feel, the smell, the texture of panties and will do anything to get a hold of a pair. Of course, the type of panty is particular to the sniffer. Some love lacy panties because of the silky but slightly rough feel of them. Some love cotton because they absorb the wetness of a woman so well. Some need satin, so they can not only feel the softness but, you can see wetness in satin much easier than the rest.

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