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Group Sex – When Sunday Brunch Becomes Sunday Munch

Group sex, hells yea, who doesn’t love it?

If you’ve never had group sex before then you are really missing out. Normally, group sex is planned, like a swinger party, but, not always. That’s what happened Sunday, and my life is the better for it.

group sexSo, Sunday, like most Southern women, I went to a brunch with my girlfriends. We ate, had some mimosas (yes, this is a rare time I drink) and just relaxed. Our waiter Sunday though, yes, he was nothing but dessert from top to bottom. He was tall, maybe 6’4, strong, his biceps, thick, were squeezed into his dress shirt. His ass, yea, he could squeeze coal into diamonds with it. He was just pretty all around, and my girlfriends and I noticed with gusto.

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GFE – Girlfriend Experience with Anna

GFE, or Girlfriend Experience, is my favorite fantasy and is the reason why I’m still active on the phones. GFEI, personally, love to take care of people. Yes, I do have my dominant side, and as my men do know, I have real-time submissives, mainly Cuckolds, who pay me to, basically, neglect them, but, if you read my other blog, Seductive Cuckolding – Love Your Beta Man you will find out even as a Cuckold Queen, I love taking care of people. So, for those men who aren’t Beta, who really aren’t fully Alpha either, I get to enjoy taking care of them in so many ways.

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T&D, Edging and a Dash of Cuckolding – Jerk Off Instructions with Anna

Jerk Off Instructions with me can be filled with many different ways of enjoyment. In my world, it’s always a good time for some T&D, edging, and a dash of cuckolding, in fact, for some, it’s never a bad time for it.

Let’s take this Beta male, we’ll call him “Chris”

Jerk Off Instructions

“Chris” worships me, loves me, will do anything for me. His thoughts stay focused on me and what I may be doing with the Alpha males I meet at my gym. He knows, when I am at the gym, that I meet many different, strong, confident, well-hung men and I have a desire to always taste test the selection. On that note, I like to tease “Chris”, telling him how large and strong their cocks are, (he has only a 4in clitty) and to let him know which hole they fucked me in, how long, how hard, and how many

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Baby It’s Cold Outside…

I don’t do too well in the cold and I try to avoid it at all costs. Unless it’s a hot photo shoot in the snow, I will not be out in that slushy mess. So, yes, “Baby, it’s cold outside” here in GA, and I refuse to do anything except stay in and keep my friction going so I can stay warm. I know, the snow is pretty, but, this is GA dammit, we don’t even get real snow. It’s more like a pile of wet glop that freezes into ice and no, ice does not make a nice dildo.

Annas Your Escape in the snowSo, today, I plan to sit by the fire, watch the snow come down, and keep my precious D cup ladies warm, and my holes active by playing with many different toys;

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