Trophy Wife Will Do Anything For Her Husband…Anything

trophy wife

Her husband was a busy man who worked for a firm that was well respected. 20 years his youth, she knew she was his trophy wife. When they met, she was intrigued by his power he had. She was fascinated with the fact that so many clients respected him. Also, she was hypnotized by all the lavish gifts he poured on her. When they would go out with his clients, he would buy her a brand new Valentino dress, Gucci shoes, and of course, new lingerie. He dressed her as the perfect woman, and clients would marvel at her. Also, she knew, as his trophy wife, she was a tool for his success.

After a few years though, things began to change.

He became stressed, he would refuse her advances in the bedroom opting for a late night downstairs in the office. She knew he wasn’t cheating on her, but, she also knew something was off. The dinner with clients began to not involve her. She would hear him on the phone, late at night, arguing with someone. This was not the man she married. He wasn’t very handsome, but, he was always in control…until now.

One night, he came in with a large box, wrapped in a red satin bow, and handed it to her. When she opened it, it was the most beautiful, satin dress she had ever seen. The neckline was plunging, the slit, high up her thigh, and the fit was as if tailored to her body.  “Love, tonight, I’m taking you to meet a new client. I want you even more perfect than you already are.”

As a trophy wife, when your husband needs you to be perfect, you’re perfect.

They walked into the restaurant together, her arm in his. Her hair pulled back loosely and flowing down her back. Her dress barely moved it fit her so tightly. She walked with her head held high, almost gliding, knew she was the example of his power. Soon, the client came to the table, looked only at her, ignoring her husbands outstretched hand. He took a sip of his drink he had gotten from the bar, then, sat beside her.

She was used to being looked at by clients, but, never used to them ignoring her husband and sitting next to her. Then, after another few moments of him looking her up and down, she smiled, turned to her husband, and began to listen as he spoke about his offer to the client. As the conversation began to become dull to her, she excused herself, and they both stood and she left for the restroom.

She did not know the client excused himself a few moments later.

While she was freshening up her makeup, she heard someone walk in, then she heard a click. She looked over to the doorway to the vanity area and there was the client, smug and bold. Also, he was extremely well built, young, handsome, and just his smile was twice the man her husband was. He looked at her and spoke, “Your husband is in desperate need of my business.” Looking down at her purse, putting away her lipstick, “Yes” she replied, “but, he knows what he is doing, and you would make a mistake to not work with him.” He began to walk over to her, unbuttoning his jacket, removing it and placing it on the back of one of the cushioned chairs. Leaning down, he whispers in her ear, “Does he have the power to persuade me, or do you?”

She felt her body react in ways it hasn’t reacted in years. Yet, she smiled, looked up at him, and said, “I’m sure he will be able to persuade you.” Then, she felt his lips on her neck, his breath, she smelled his cologne. He moved his hands over her shoulders as she let out a breath, as he placed his hands just above her breasts. “You will do anything for your husband, won’t you?”


“You want him to succeed, don’t you”

Whispering, her body beginning to ache, “Yes”

He then stands in front of her, unzips his pants, strokes her face as he pulls her close and says, “Prove it”

She, without control, reaches into his pants and pulls out his massive, hard cock. Her husband, older, average, and of course, on viagra, never could achieve such magnificence. She opened her mouth, took his bull cock to her lips, and began to persuade him like a dutiful trophy wife…

Keep your cocks ready for part two…

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