Trophy Wife Will Do Anything For Her Husband…Anything Pt 2


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Later that evening, her husband was chattering away, elated that the client signed with him. He kept going on and on about how he knew he would eventually cave, the offer was too good to pass up. She normally enjoyed seeing her husband so happy, but, tonight, her mind kept wandering. The flashes back to the ladies room at the restaurant.  She was so willing to get on her knees when he pulled out his cock. She was remembering how her mouth stretched around his girth, his smell. How he moaned when she took it to the back of her throat. How he held her head, so gently but so strong. He wanted her mouth, and she wanted his cock, the desire was mutual. She knew it was because of the oral encounter that he signed with her husband, but one word kept entering her mind, “cheating”.

She always thought she was satisfied with her husband in bed.

He wasn’t very handsome, of course, his age played a part in his performance. There there was the fact he was just average between his legs. He knew, in the back of her mind he couldn’t please her with his cock, so, he always made sure to give her pleasure other ways. Now, in the middle of his celebratory sex with her, her mind was thinking about him. What would his cock feel like inside her? Even just him penetrating her mouth, he was thrusting, pushing, like he knew exactly how deep to go, how much she could handle. Then, slowly, she closed her eyes and began to imagine him, fucking her, pushing himself inside her. Her pussy began to ache with the thought of him grabbing her hips and taking her at his own will. Suddenly, she began to climax, pushing against her husband, but, in her mind, she wasn’t having sex with her husband.


It was a beautiful, warm day, and her husband had called asking if she wanted to meet him for lunch.

Of course, she agreed and put on his favorite white, strapless sundress and headed to his office. When she got out of the car, she was surprised to see the client standing there, like he was waiting for her. He smiled, walked over to her, and introduced himself again. “I remember you” she responded. He laughed, and replied, “Yes, I know you do, but, it’s polite to reintroduce yourself to a lady when a time has passed” She smiled, and tried to excuse herself, but he took her hand and held it till she turned back to him.

“You won’t be having lunch with your husband today.”

She looked at him puzzled, then suddenly, she got a call, it was her husband. He had to cancel their lunch date due to an unexpected meeting. He sounded miffed and hung up suddenly. She put her phone down and looked at the client, “How did you know?”

“I had my lawyers notice a few things in the contract I wanted to have changed last minute. He will be busy for a few hours”

She looked up into his eyes, and the thoughts she had been having of him came flooding back all at once.

She wanted him, she didn’t care about the cheating, she wanted him. He wanted her, and he was going to have her. Without speaking, he led her to his car, opened the door, and invited her in. As she got in, she noticed the driver looking at her in the mirror. She smiled, he nodded, then he raised the window separating himself from them. Once the client had closed the door, the car drove off to where she didn’t know or care.

He didn’t speak and neither did she. He put his hand on the inside of her thigh, sliding up between her legs, and began to rub her with a feverish desire.

She spread her legs for him, she needed to feel what she had been dreaming about for so many weeks. His mouth went to hers, kissing her, pulling down her dress to reveal her perfect tits and he began to suckle them with a skill of an artist. His hands pulling down her panties, his fingers pushing inside her, she threw her head back and gave herself to him. At that moment, cheating was the last thing on her mind. He pulled her over his lap, pulled out his cock, and with force, pushed inside her, filling her, giving her what had been denied all these years. As he thrust into her, she began her first climax, screaming, cumming harder then she had ever cum before. Her body was shaking, he was still taking her, using her, she couldn’t control herself. She gave herself to him…and he took her, with full, masculine, Alpha force.

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