Trophy Wife Will Do Anything For Her Husband…Anything Pt 3


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Her affair with the client had been going on for quite some time. She knew she was cheating, but, it didn’t take long for her to just not care. She was getting the sex she deserved. His cock was completing her, his assertiveness made her want to give her body to him. He didn’t want to wine and dine her, he didn’t want to give her gifts, he just wanted to fuck her. She wasn’t even worried about any of that, she was still a trophy wife, her husband was still providing all the material items she desired. So, no, cheating didn’t even cross her mind anymore, she was getting the pleasure she so rightfully deserved. In fact, she was even beginning to call her husband a little cuckold behind his back.

One day, after a long session of amazing sex with the client, she told him how she sees her husband now.

“I never really noticed how pathetic he was” she expressed. He just laughed, slapped her on the ass, and replied, “Well, that’s what happens when you don’t get laid properly, you become blind to other’s faults” She thought about this, smiled, and next thing you know, he had her again. Taking her, pushing his massive cock inside her and at the same time, reminding her how worthless her husband is. As he would speak with each thrust, she was becoming wetter then she ever had. Her body was responding, laughing, throbbing, with each degrading word that came out of his mouth about her cuckold husband. Soon, her body exploded, she sat up, and grabbed his cock and started sucking, eager for his load. He laughed, grabbed her head, pushed into her mouth and said,

“Next time, we’re fucking at your house, in your marriage bed, and you will find out how weak he really is” Hearing that she sucked harder, begging for his cum as he covered her face with his pleasure.

Later that week, she got a knock on the door.

When she opened it, she saw the client standing there. “You were serious?” He laughed again, pushed her into the house, and kissed her deeply. “Your husband will be home soon, I made sure of that.” She led him upstairs, not thinking, just wanting his cock. When they got to the bedroom, she began to close the door, but the client wouldn’t let her. “No, I want him to hear everything.” Then he picked her up, pushed her against the wall, and began to take her with more force then she was used too. It was like he had been holding back, waiting for this day to come, and she gave herself over to him…willingly.

Not long into their debauchery, she heard the door open, she knew it was her husband. She couldn’t stop, in fact, her moans became louder. She heard him coming up the stairs, and she began to cry out for more. The client picked her up, placed her on her hands and knees facing the bedroom door, and jammed himself inside her. As her husband came around the corner, he stopped and stared. She looked him directly in the eye, her body being pushed with each of the client’s thrust. Then, her husband grabbed his worthless dick over his pants. She smiled, moaned, laughed, and told him how the client was giving her what her husband never could, real Alpha cock. Her husband held his head down, but couldn’t hide the fact that he was hard.

She began to berate him, “You really are a pathetic cuckold, aren’t you? Get in here, watch him fuck me like you never could. I want you to know you will never be the man he is.”

The client began to laugh, slapping her ass, pushing deeper as her husband slowly came closer. She cried out, “Do it, cum in my cunt, I need it!” It was at that moment the client let go of himself and began to fill her with his load to the point of overflow.

He pulled out, got off the bed, walked around to her husband and looked down at him. Her husband was so hard he was almost delirious. When the client stepped in front of him, his Alpha meat was right in her husband’s face. “Clean it,” the client said. Her husband looked over at her, almost embarrassed and she smiled. Then, he took his hand, wrapped it around the client’s meat and began to slowly lick, cleaning his Alpha cock, taking his wife’s pussy and the client’s cum. He sucked, he moved his head up and down, he was eager, and suddenly, without warning, he exploded in his pants.

It was then, this Trophy wife knew her power. Her husband, after all these years, became her little cuckold beta man.

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