I love Perverts

What can I say, a pervert is a terrible thing to waste, I love them. I love the perverts who get off looking up women’s skirts. The ones who like to sit in their cars in public places and jerk off while watching women walk in front of their cars. Even those extra naughty perverts who go into the lingerie section, take a pair of panties, stuff it in their pants, rub I love pervertstheir dick all over them, then put them back for women to buy and wear. (Did I just give you more pervy ideas? Sorry about that lol)

What is so great about perverts though is they can’t help themselves. It’s an addiction and they are so sneaky about it. Most men, in one way or another, are pervs, that’s just the truth of it. However, it is those small few that take their natural perversion to a new hight. For example, I had a client who would only call me on his car speaker. He would park in the parking lot of a mall and would whip out his cock, and tease himself while describing to me the women who walked by. He would do this for hours, calling me off and on throughout the day telling me about a woman who really drove him crazy. Maybe she was wearing high heels, maybe she was wearing shorts, it could have been her hair, anything actually. He loved it, and it was a thrill to him wondering if he would ever get caught.

Perverts are really so much fun, the more they embrace who they are, the more fun I have with them. Of course, sometimes, the perversion is just thoughts and that gives me the ability to take that thought to the next level. I’ve talked to many perverts and every single one of them has been able to find peace with their perversion and I’m happy to say I helped them with that.

So, perverts, know this, I love you! I love playing with you! I love knowing how pervy you are. So, don’t be shy, let’s perv it out together!

Remember to always enjoy your escape


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