I love Perverts

What can I say, a pervert is a terrible thing to waste, I love them. I love the perverts who get off looking up women’s skirts. The ones who like to sit in their cars in public places and jerk off while watching women walk in front of their cars. Even those extra naughty perverts who go into the lingerie section, take a pair of panties, stuff it in their pants, rub I love pervertstheir dick all over them, then put them back for women to buy and wear. (Did I just give you more pervy ideas? Sorry about that lol)

What is so great about perverts though is they can’t help themselves. It’s an addiction and they are so sneaky about it. Most men, in one way or another, are pervs, that’s just the truth of it. However, it is those small few that take their natural perversion to a new hight. For example, I had a client who would only call me on his car speaker. Continue reading “I love Perverts”

A Handjob Can Go A Long Way

Especially when it’s with a younger man who hasn’t fully had the pleasure of an experienced woman showing him what sex can really be like.


Let me tell you a bit about my neighbor. He’s a young man, about 19 years old, strong, handsome, but a bit shy. Well, in truth, very shy. It always pains me to see such a young handsome man so shy because they haven’t been shown their potential yet. Since that bothers me so much, I make it my mission to help every young lad be able to explore their potential in many different ways.

I was outside laying in the sun on my back porch with my top undone and my neighbor comes outside to do whatever it was he was planning on doing and he catches a glimpse of me. I knew he has watched me several times, and I love knowing that he is probably hiding in his bathroom jerking off thinking about me. Continue reading “A Handjob Can Go A Long Way”

How to Have Mind-Blowing Phone Sex

Not everyone can have phone sex and enjoy it, much less, have mind-blowing phone sex, because it takes work and dedication from both the PSO (phone sex operator) and the cell-phone-sexcaller. I, personally, have a very wild and vivid imagination, I love telling stories, and I love getting to know people, not just what they like as far as sex goes, but, getting to know who they are. Once you know a person, it takes sex, in all aspects, to the next level.

So, on that note, here are 5 rules to follow, to make sure you have mind-blowing phone sex; Continue reading “How to Have Mind-Blowing Phone Sex”

Teasing is the Prelude to a Gang-Bang

ae1027de380b65029193fb3adb692ab4Yes, it is, very much so, and it’s an art that I know I’ve mastered.

Over the weekend I had a modeling gig at a large festival. This festival consists of cosplayers, LARPers, and other’s of the like, so, really, teasing the men was pretty easy. Also, at these festivals, I get to bring out my GFE & Mistress personality all at the same time. So, yes, bonus for me. Let me explain; Continue reading “Teasing is the Prelude to a Gang-Bang”

Phone Sex – Verbal Penetration

anna (29)I’ve had so many people come to me asking why, online, I only offer phone sex. They wonder why I don’t offer cam shows, and I can understand their curiosity. I do love modeling, I love showing off my body, and I also do have slaves IRL so, showing myself on cam, wouldn’t be something that would make me nervous. It does, however, take away the fun of imagination and fantasy. Continue reading “Phone Sex – Verbal Penetration”

Foot Fetish – Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Oh hush, I know my Southern was just showing, I don’t need to be reminded. What I do need though is a good foot fuck. I swear, I hear about men having foot fetishes, but they are so shy to act on them IRL.

Anna on Niteflirt Foot FetishMaybe it’s because men don’t think women really get into it? Maybe some women really don’t, like, anal, I love it, but a lot of the women I know hate it. But, my love for anal is another story altogether.

I’ve explained, over and over, why I love foot fetishes, and I love talking about it, but, it surprises me how many men are shocked when I say I love it so much. Continue reading “Foot Fetish – Best Thing Since Sliced Bread”

Seductive Cuckolding – Love Your Beta Man

Most, when they think about a Cuckold Queen or a Cuckold male, they think of it always being a humiliating experience where the woman is degrading the Beta Male all the while comparing the Alpha Male’s perfection to his flaws. Although that is the case a lot of times, and I do love making fun of a submissive Beta Male, it’s not always the case.

I’ve had plenty of times where I’ve had a Beta Male come to me, asking to be Cuckold, but, wants to be Cuckold in a way he is happy his wife/girlfriend is finally getting pleasure. Continue reading “Seductive Cuckolding – Love Your Beta Man”