Mickey Mouse Penis – SPH

I just can’t be mean to every man with a small penis, it’s just impossible.  See, some men, like my little Teensy ZZ is so damn adorable. Every time I make fun of his little peener, he giggles so honestly it and so infectiously I just can’t be mean to him.

mickeymouseThis little man knows he has a small penis, he knows he is completely inadequate in being able to satisfy a woman, so, he has embraced it. For example, he loves knowing I would bring in all my beautiful girlfriends in, surround him, and play games like “chase the Chode” or “hide & go seek the peener” Really, his dick is at max, 4.5 in long, and his balls are just a flat pillow for his peener to lay on, and he embraces it.

How can I be mean to him? Continue reading “Mickey Mouse Penis – SPH”

Foot Fetish – Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Oh hush, I know my Southern was just showing, I don’t need to be reminded. What I do need though is a good foot fuck. I swear, I hear about men having foot fetishes, but they are so shy to act on them IRL.

Anna on Niteflirt Foot FetishMaybe it’s because men don’t think women really get into it? Maybe some women really don’t, like, anal, I love it, but a lot of the women I know hate it. But, my love for anal is another story altogether.

I’ve explained, over and over, why I love foot fetishes, and I love talking about it, but, it surprises me how many men are shocked when I say I love it so much. Continue reading “Foot Fetish – Best Thing Since Sliced Bread”

Seductive Cuckolding – Love Your Beta Man

Most, when they think about a Cuckold Queen or a Cuckold male, they think of it always being a humiliating experience where the woman is degrading the Beta Male all the while comparing the Alpha Male’s perfection to his flaws. Although that is the case a lot of times, and I do love making fun of a submissive Beta Male, it’s not always the case.

I’ve had plenty of times where I’ve had a Beta Male come to me, asking to be Cuckold, but, wants to be Cuckold in a way he is happy his wife/girlfriend is finally getting pleasure. Continue reading “Seductive Cuckolding – Love Your Beta Man”

Sex & Yoga – Every Man Thinks It

Today was a very stormy day with Irma plowing through GA while she fizzles out, so, my gym closed for the day. Which, of course, left me here, to work out with out being able to tease anyone.

Sucks, I know, but, I have a fun imagination, don’t worry.

I ended up practicing some yoga today, and when I went into certain positions, I couldn’t help but think of all the times I have been in these position during sex.

Let me explain, even though, the pictures are pretty clear.  Continue reading “Sex & Yoga – Every Man Thinks It”

I’ll Take Your Man

Dear Mrs _______,

I just wanted to let you know that your man is amazing. I know, you’re sitting there wondering how I know that, well, he and I have met, a few times.

Let me back up a little

952f292d6fab9953a5607c0da92e20ac-a-real-woman-good-womanRemember that night, a few months back, when your husband said he had a dinner date with his boss and he was going to be late? No, don’t get all huffed about it, he did have a date with his boss, he didn’t lie to you. What he failed to mention though, is that I was also there with my girlfriends. I couldn’t help but notice him sitting across the dining room in his amazing suit, I’m sure you bought him, (you have nice taste in clothes) and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. Then, of course, he noticed me. I was wearing a fitted top, slightly low cut, loose shirt skirt, yes, when my legs were crossed, I’m sure he noticed my garters, and, with me being a D cup, I’m sure he was staring at my tits too.  Continue reading “I’ll Take Your Man”

He’s so sexy in his compression tights – Sissy boy w/ Anna

On my journeys through the kinky minds of men, I found a new and sexy toy to play with. For real, he’s not packing much, ok, he’s hardly packing anything, but, he knows

Sissy boy Bitch Boots
Nothing in the front, but, makes for a nice clit to play with

how’s not packing anything but a little clit to play with. What’s so great about him, he

First, he works out, and that’s always a plus for me. Let’s be honest here, just because he packs a weenise, don’t mean he can’t have a nice body. Also, he lays in the tanning bed with his thong on along with keeping his whole body shaved. Now, how sexy hot is that?

The best though is his ass…. Continue reading “He’s so sexy in his compression tights – Sissy boy w/ Anna”

6 Orgasams & I have a feeling he isn’t done – Multiple Orgasms

Let me be clear, it was me that was having all of the orgasms, not him. Orgasm control isn’t just about a man having to hold back or learn to cum on demand, men like to do it to women too. When I find the right man that can do it to me, I’m in heaven!

anigif_enhanced-29439-1449517041-7I just finished speaking to a man who could do just that, get me hot, make me feel pleasure using his voice, and he is even teaching me to cum on demand. By the end of the call, my fingers were all pruney, and my pussy was throbbing. Continue reading “6 Orgasams & I have a feeling he isn’t done – Multiple Orgasms”