I love Perverts

What can I say, a pervert is a terrible thing to waste, I love them. I love the perverts who get off looking up women’s skirts. The ones who like to sit in their cars in public places and jerk off while watching women walk in front of their cars. Even those extra naughty perverts who go into the lingerie section, take a pair of panties, stuff it in their pants, rub I love pervertstheir dick all over them, then put them back for women to buy and wear. (Did I just give you more pervy ideas? Sorry about that lol)

What is so great about perverts though is they can’t help themselves. It’s an addiction and they are so sneaky about it. Most men, in one way or another, are pervs, that’s just the truth of it. However, it is those small few that take their natural perversion to a new hight. For example, I had a client who would only call me on his car speaker. Continue reading “I love Perverts”

Teasing is the Prelude to a Gang-Bang

ae1027de380b65029193fb3adb692ab4Yes, it is, very much so, and it’s an art that I know I’ve mastered.

Over the weekend I had a modeling gig at a large festival. This festival consists of cosplayers, LARPers, and other’s of the like, so, really, teasing the men was pretty easy. Also, at these festivals, I get to bring out my GFE & Mistress personality all at the same time. So, yes, bonus for me. Let me explain; Continue reading “Teasing is the Prelude to a Gang-Bang”

Foot Fetish – Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Oh hush, I know my Southern was just showing, I don’t need to be reminded. What I do need though is a good foot fuck. I swear, I hear about men having foot fetishes, but they are so shy to act on them IRL.

Anna on Niteflirt Foot FetishMaybe it’s because men don’t think women really get into it? Maybe some women really don’t, like, anal, I love it, but a lot of the women I know hate it. But, my love for anal is another story altogether.

I’ve explained, over and over, why I love foot fetishes, and I love talking about it, but, it surprises me how many men are shocked when I say I love it so much. Continue reading “Foot Fetish – Best Thing Since Sliced Bread”

I’ll Take Your Man

Dear Mrs _______,

I just wanted to let you know that your man is amazing. I know, you’re sitting there wondering how I know that, well, he and I have met, a few times.

Let me back up a little

952f292d6fab9953a5607c0da92e20ac-a-real-woman-good-womanRemember that night, a few months back, when your husband said he had a dinner date with his boss and he was going to be late? No, don’t get all huffed about it, he did have a date with his boss, he didn’t lie to you. What he failed to mention though, is that I was also there with my girlfriends. I couldn’t help but notice him sitting across the dining room in his amazing suit, I’m sure you bought him, (you have nice taste in clothes) and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. Then, of course, he noticed me. I was wearing a fitted top, slightly low cut, loose shirt skirt, yes, when my legs were crossed, I’m sure he noticed my garters, and, with me being a D cup, I’m sure he was staring at my tits too.  Continue reading “I’ll Take Your Man”

Having Sex with a Natural Exhibitionist –PT 2

So, from the beginning, you can pretty much assume, we paid for our drinks and left. You would be right, and yes, we did head back to my place. So, with that boring stuff over, flash-forward to him, being alone with me, in my house.

mutual masturbation annaYou know, for a man who looked like he decided to change his life a bit, maybe even get a bit wilder, he was pretty doe eyed when we got back to my place. He couldn’t stop looking at me, like, I was gonna break out in stripper pool dancing any minute. Bless his heart, I don’t own a stripper pole, that’s just silly.

What I did do, was much better than watching a woman swinging on a pole half-naked. (but, that could be fun too…different story) Continue reading “Having Sex with a Natural Exhibitionist –PT 2”