Mickey Mouse Penis – SPH

I just can’t be mean to every man with a small penis, it’s just impossible.  See, some men, like my little Teensy ZZ is so damn adorable. Every time I make fun of his little peener, he giggles so honestly it and so infectiously I just can’t be mean to him.

mickeymouseThis little man knows he has a small penis, he knows he is completely inadequate in being able to satisfy a woman, so, he has embraced it. For example, he loves knowing I would bring in all my beautiful girlfriends in, surround him, and play games like “chase the Chode” or “hide & go seek the peener” Really, his dick is at max, 4.5 in long, and his balls are just a flat pillow for his peener to lay on, and he embraces it.

How can I be mean to him? Continue reading “Mickey Mouse Penis – SPH”

WTAF Is That??!! – SPH w/ Anna

I was out the other night and met a “man” that was sexy AF. He was tall, dark hair, nice beard, good build, had a voice that was so deep I felt my clit vibrate, and just plain sexy as all hell. So, after a few drinks, I thought, why not? Let’s have some fun.

choadWe get to my place, and we are already heated. He took off his shirt and I was licking every single muscle he had, working my way down to what I just knew was going to be a massive, hard cock that was going to give me the pleasure that I’m worth receiving.

I take unclasp his belt, unbutton his jeans, pull down the zipper, reach in and tried to pull out a cock but instead, I pulled out a fucking Vianna fucking sausage! Continue reading “WTAF Is That??!! – SPH w/ Anna”